Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! I heart Rafa Nadal! \o/ Vamos!

Oh yeah, that bolt out of the blue yesterday? That brill plan I came up with? Heh. I'm just going to the party as myself - ta da! We can all play nice Today and have a lot of fun! Don't be mean. Don't go trick or treatin' without supervision. Check your candy before eating it. Chao for now, simpaticos.. I heart Rafa!

Halloween (costume) Hunting Grounds

Photo by Pat Flinschrod on Flickr I don't know what possessed me to invite Trixie to go Halloween costume hunting with me today. I must have eaten Stupid for breakfast. I'm thinking maybe I should've just asked Rafa what he was gonna wear and I'd try to find something complimentary. But nooooooo, I just had to get that grrl on the phone and convince her this was how she wanted to spend her Thursday afternoon. One shop after another. One costume after another. Her initial reaction was not very favorable. Me: Trixie, what you say - I go as a car model draped all over this keen-o
Dodge Mach XX wearing nothing but a necklace? Rrrrow..
Trixie: That's not gonna fly, Chich. Literally. [omg, what is she doing?] Me: Okay, then how 'bout this? I think this'll fly.. Photo by Missing Link Products Trixie: *groan* No.. no.. I don't think Rafa's ready for that, Chich. *rolls eyes* Me: Gawd, Trix, you're a hard one to please! I don't have all day to do this, so chill! [ok..ok.. no need to ruffle any feathers over this turkey, ok? ] Me: How's this, Trixie?
Photo by DogTime
Trixie: Hey now, I like this little number, Contessa, only one thing's not all together right about it.. and..
Me: It's missing a halo, right? Trixie: Ahhhh, no, you're missing that one gene - for being a perfect angel. So, nope, that's not gonna work for you, either, sorry, Chich. Me: Wow. That's cold. *blink* *blink* Me: Vell, I kuld go as zee boot-i-ful
ballereena zat I ahm,
Mizzy Tawf!
Trixie: Well, yes, I suppose you could do that.
But then you might be expected to perform,
Mz Bowlegs, hmmmmm..?
Hey, I know what! Maybe I could just fix up my hair a little different and jump out of a pumpkin cake!
Yes, that's it! That's the ticket! hee hee
Photo by Foundsh*t
By this time, Trixie was totally fed up with my pursuit of the perfect Halloween costume. I didn't want to disappoint Rafa by coming up with nothing in the way of a party outfit. *schlump* And I felt bad about disappointing Trixie. But not that bad. So we left the last store and rode back to my place in silence. Then, out of the blue, an idea came gurgling up from the depths - and I knew I had a plan. *snort*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hellooooooween and Me and My Busy Butt

I have been all over Hail's Half Acre looking for a Hellooooooween pahty costume and can't find squat! But - the good news is: Rafa flew past France's Florent Serra 6-2, 6-4, today, showing Serra what it really looks like to be attacked, hee hee, and won the opening set in less than 30 minutes. You rock, Rafa, sweetie. Vamos! And - so what? - Serra rallied un poquito in the 2nd set- ha! - waste not (your only break point) want not, dropped serve, and Rafa shows his prowess by winning once again! He's off to the 3rd round- yippee! So, tell me. Do I look too fat as a geisha? Photo by mydaily on Webshots Don't lie to me, now...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rafa Nadal is playing Ernests Gulbis match NOW!

Hey, y'all, turn on your TV to the Tennis Channel and grab your seat (hee hee ;) and popcorn cuz Rafa's first match against Ernests Gulbis at the Madrid Master Series tournament just started! And Rafa's lookin' good.. real good..uh ha..uh ha. I just came in from a run, not lookin' so femi fresh or dolled-up the way I like to be seen, so don't look at me, k?.. Just taking a sec before getting into the shower to remind everyone that now is the TIME to get hunkered down for a great match..!! Nos vemos en un poco,.. muchachos!

Monday, October 13, 2008

No, I am NOT the Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

So.. now I have humanoids coming up to me on the street saying, "OMG!'re.. that,.. um,..cute little Beverly thingee, ahhhh,.. mmm.. whatshername, Chlaw!... Right? NOoo-oh!? I mean ...Chloe! Right!!??" So.. NO. I am the prettiest chihuahua in these parts.. but I'm no Chloe.. sahrrry.. I'm Contessa ChiChi and unlike the chic chi, I have my act together. And, I have Rafa in my life.. and, a life, I might add, too full for being mistaken for a Chloe chica, if you don't mind! Yes. I've seen the flick. What?! What did I think of it? [eeeeek!] Okay, I confess, I saw some trailers.. that's it. Yahh, okey-dokey.. you're welcome.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whirlwind weeks with Ruffie!

Okay, okay..(pant,pant)'s been weeks since you've heard from me! So sorry, sorry, sorry! Time's gone by in a blur! I've been so busy going from one event to the next - all culminating in Today's celebration of the opening of the Tennis Master Series event in Madrid and its accompanying spectacular ceremony for Rafa's amazing, supercalifragilistic 2008 season as Numero Uno tennis player in the world!! (swoon) ATP president, Etienne De Villers will present Rafa with the "trophy that will forever remind him of his spectacular achievement as the new best tennis player in the world!" The Mutua Masters Series Madrid starts tomorrow and will finish at the finals next Sunday the 19th - so don't forget to send all your air-love and support to Rafa during the week! Pleeeeeese! I've been on holiday; Rafa said just the other day that, "I'm feeling great physically, that week of holidays I just had helped me out a lot as well and I trust I will be ready for my debut. I will give 100% as I usually do at every tournament." If you've forgotten, last year's tournament was a stunning upset! Roger Federer was #1 seed with Rafa as #2 but my Rafa lost to David Nalbandian in the quarterfinals, which stunned all. This year, Rafa is ready to win! And remember, Rafa is "in" for the year-end championship in Shanghai! Who knows, my fellow chichis, we might see a Rafa/Federer finish at Shanghai! Yesterday, Rafa took time from training to attend clothing line, Hugo Boss, event where Rafa was handed a check for 20.8114 euros for his humanitarian efforts through his Rafa Nadal Foundation which was unveiled this past February! (My Ruffie has a big heart!) Rafa Nadal Foundation helps kids with disabilities and kids in third world countries - which is great! (We could be one, too, before too long!) It's taking a while for some projects to get off the ground due to Rafa's busy schedule, but hey, he's committed to its success so it's gonna happen big..:) Earlier, Rafa was victorious over American Andy Roddick which propels Spain into the Davis Cup final. He played an almost perfect game! Even Rafa was shocked by some of the winners he played (but I'm not..:) I'm so proud of my Rafa for this big win for his country! Next stop for the Spaniards will be against Argentina, who will host the final for the David Cup Title from Nov. 21-23rd. Now Rafa has a chance to lead his country to a 3rd Davis Cup crown and the first since 2004. See? Now you see why my Rafa wears the Top Tennis crown, si? I luv my Rafa. You know you do, too. Just say it! Go ahead - don't be shy. Say it!?! [echoing from the backdrop] Si! Si! We luuuuuuv you, Raaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaa! VAMOS!!!! Before I go, here's a pic of me at the beach with Rafa. Eat your heart out: Ahhhhhhhh, life c'est si bon!