Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rafa Nadal wins 6th consecutive Monte Carlo title!!! \o/

OMG! OMG! OMG!  Wow Wee!!  My Ruffie did it!  He DID it!!  TYG!!  TYG!!  Ruffie won Monte Carlo Masters title!  Ees impossible to be thees super-human, no?  Ruffie is all-time best tennis player in thees universe! I'm ecstatic and reeling, about to faint..  Get me my smelling salts.. pleeze ..guys.. *thud*
Okay. Okay. I'm back. 
Photo by Spluch blog
 [Well.  You weren't much help Benito. Last time I invite you over to Rafa match party. Harumph.  Alright, already!  Enough. I'm okay. The most important thing we can do is party hardy on behalf of Rafa's magnifico win, 6th win in a row, guys!
Photo by Izabella Grace
There was so much excitement here ..drinks were flowing ..Slappy's eyes were glowing ..we're all having a great, fun time, toasting Rafa's win (..also sharing a moment of silence for fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco who sustained thorough thrashing from Rafa who won 6-0 6-1 for a total of 1 hour and 26 minutes. It was hard to watch Verdasco who could not elicit favor from heaven even when down on hees knees ..). Rafa's win ees fantastico!  It's Ruffie's first tournament win since Rome last year - dogged (no pun intended, sure) by knee and abdominal injuries.  And, if anyone thinks he couldn't return to ees pre-injuries state of play, this Monte Carlo match looked very much like thees Rafa we all came to love for his outstanding prowess on the court! Si?  Monte Carlo is Ruffie's favorite tournament.  So, now you know what an outstanding party we were having after Rafa's win.. It was just at the height of our jubilation when Mel Content walked into the room..
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

amigos ..can't talk loud ..Rafa Nadal is in mucho concentrational mode ;>

Shh.. Contessa ChiChi cannot talk above whisper; Ruffie ees in hard concentration, steeling himself, instructing hees mind of his thoughts about winning a sixth straight Monte Carlo Masters title!  And thusly - making some history on thees earth.  (..and just maybe we get lucky, see more of Raffie and less of Prez-O on the airwaves *winky dink*.) Raffie has visions of kicking the asset belong to Novak Djokovic again if they both make it to finals. Rafa won last year, causing a boo-boo in the Serb's mind. Ees still bandaged, by the way, si?

psst..I'll be back later.. my cousin Mal just dropped in unannounced. Which means ees in hot water.  O gnashing teeth, what now has the little monkey got into trouble over!  *rolling eyes*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Roddick bests my Raffie!


Waaaaah! Waaaaah! Sez somebodies. You'll never see or hear Rafa go Waaaaah! He's a gracious loser. The man is the epitome of Grace. Some have eet and some don't. More Don'ts than Dos, amigo. See? Rafa has class. We have a Superman, Superdog, Superduperpooperscooper, but now we have [drum roll pleeze] Superclass!! And it ees Raffie!

The way Contessa ChiChi sees it, Andy Roddick has upped his game - a lot - over this year. Roddick is back! He's destined to whoop some asset belong to other baller, si? Too bad Roddick play aggressively and manage to zap Raffie out of hees comfort zone using different strategy. Roddick lost to Raffie the last 3 matches they played. Today, Andy say, 'Enough! Today ees my day and my win!' Good for you, Andy! Someday, at sometime, somewhere you might be member in my Raffie's league.

You see, amigos, Raffie is about sportzmansheep. He's not about.. smashing ees racket.. or throwing eet down court.. or.. hitting himself over the head until blood squirts out all over hees handsome hair.. or outfit. No. Rafa ees about Discipline, Determination and Dignity. How can he be any other way than perfect? After all, he is with moi! Ta Ta!

[Psssst. Andy. Come closer. [Andy give Contessa ChiChi hees ear.] Andy. I theenk Rafa let you win. He like you.]