Saturday, March 7, 2009

You may know El Bribon as..

BATDOG! ..shhh ..don't tell noone you heard it from Contessa ChiChi.. Rascal is undercover.. as in covert. So, don't blow it for heem ! Zeep de leeps. shhhhh..

Contessa ChiChi hearts FurBro

Ay-yi-yi, mis queridos lectores! Si, I've been away for some time. Ay-yi-yi. Mi hermano, el Bribón, ha estado enfermo. *sigh* Si. My brother, Rascal, has been sick. He had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove some lumps and bumps that coulda been cancer, but then he got seecker and seecker with thees dry hacking coughs and shallow breathing. Then, he got worse so the humanoids had to take heem to the ER for Furkinds. He been there for a coupla days and all this while I's been there for heem. Thees ees my Bro when he is very well. Hees very handsome, si? He holds the record for highest Frisbee jump in Contessa ChiChi's family! He's the famous Rascal. Survived a Copperhead snake strike, too, when he was littler, like a boy. That stupid snake bit my Bro in the face 3 times! I would have smackered that doofus in the chops but he slithered away just like a coward!! His face looked like a balloon. You theenk I'm kidding!? See for yourself, then! (grr..) Mi Bro-by hurt so much for so long. Broked my heart in 2, too! And now, hees hurting again. He has too many troubles now.
  1. Congestive heart failure due to advanced mitral value regurgitation.
  2. Moderately severe pulmonary hypertension.
  3. Decreased left ventricular function.
  4. Syncopal episodes associated with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.
Thees ees my Bro while he was in the Furkind hospital. Dunno 'boutchu, but thees doctors either have crazy idea about healing in outer space - or - hees reely spaced out. See what I mean? Because of all thees excitement with mi brother, I missed a lot of Rafa's matches, but he's so thoughtful and understanding. He said he would have liked to be weeth me through thees ordeal and called me everyday to inquire about mi hermano. Meanwhile, Rafa has just given Spain some breathing room with a 2-0 lead at the Davis Cup tournament in Benidrom. He beat Jarko Tipsarevic in 3 sets, 6-1, 6-0, 6-2 at "Terra Mitica" park for his home fans! He put Tipsarevic away in little more than an hour and a half. You go, Rafa! Vamos Rafa! Rafa, you win for Spain and I'll win for el Bribón! Y buena suerte a ambos de nosotros!!