Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ay-yi-YI!!! Where's Waldo! Hunh? Yo crazy? Where the HEY is Contessa ChiChi? Dam you, gurl!!

Amigos!  I'm issuing a BOLO for Contessa ChiChi, my dear friend.  Senorita ChiChi es missing from reality.  I theenk she has been nabbed by nefarious factions of the Rafarian TeenyBopsters in the mountains of Chili (without Tabasco elements).  I think Contessa CHili, er, ChiChi was wearing diamonds. I can say with the same expressionless, whiny drone as the voice of Sen. Amy Robotchar of MN that, FUR SHURE, Contessa ChiChi disappeared in plainclothesman garb and not in that hedious fish bathing suit!  Sheesh.

I weel not give up on you, Contessa ChiChi.  I will return you to your rightful arm, if it takes all my days away from Area 51.  Okay?  You should come back NOW.  Rafa won the U.S. Open and he fell to the ground tearful, crying out your name.  Pleeze come back Contessa...Rafa needs you.. (sob)