Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music! \o/ Rafa Nadal wins 5th Rome Masters title!

HOLA!!  Just got in from Rome!  We're very, very happy about thees win, amigos.  Ruffie has now attained Aggi's record of 17 Masters titles!  Thees is so mind-blowing, given hees young age.  Aggi was in hees 30's when he attained this record.

How do you like my tan?

Ruffie took thees pic.  He says
thees is my best tan, ever!  (I almost
let it slip that my best tan ever - I got
in El Paso! *Rome* sounds so much
better, si?)

Rafa won against David Ferrer 7-5 6-2 but just 'tween me and you,
I think Ferrer presented a challenge for Rafa.  There were some real
outstanding rally's and points won by Dah-vid. 

And you should know I hate it when it rains and the match is suspended.
Thees kind of interruptions in play can throw a baller off his game!

I hate it when I gets my fur wet.  And I hate rain hitting my face and blurring
my vision.  But don worry, I come up with really neat solution.  hee hee

(Ruffie thought it was a little over the top.
HA. Men!)

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