Friday, August 15, 2008

Off to the Olympics to see Rafa!

I am sooooo excited! I fell over on my back ..and kicked the air with my footsies with all my might! My friends could not believe wha an ass constrain me! Rafa. sent. for. me. YES! He wants me there with. him. if. he. should. be. so. blessed. to win the Olympic gold medal! I told Ruffie I wouldn't want to be any. where. else. but by his side.. Wrrrrrrrow.. at such a momentous time as this. He also sent this dress for me to wear so that I will look sweet on his arm.. he will want to parade me around the stadium with him, I'm sure, no? Why else would he send such a sexy little number as this, I ask you? See? This is a little sneak preview of the beautiful dress my Rafa wants me to wear for him. He has boo-ti-ful taste, you know *wink*

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