Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rafael Nadal - Exemplary Aspiration for all Young Athletes

Rafael Nadal quote from his awesome website: "..the support I got from the rest of the Spanish team was amazing.

"Although they don't know it, it was thanks to them that I somehow found the energy and mental strength to get the gold medal. I would not have been able to manage this from a hotel, however luxurious it was. The feeling at the end on the podium was indescribable. I am very happy to have made it to Olympic champion.

"The Olympic Games are very special. I know in tennis the grand slams are a little bit more important. But here you only have one chance every four years. For sportsmen, the Olympic Games are more important than anything. I feel like I win for all my country. That's more special, no? I win for a lot of people, not only for me."

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Contessa ChiChi opines, it's words like that which make Rafa a great sportsman and even greater human being. He's a man of grace and humility - always giving credit, thanks, and acknowledgment to others for their contributions to his success. It's why we love Rafael Nadal and want him to succeed far beyond his wildest dreams! He's the reason why we'll continue to watch him play great tennis. He'll be the reason for our growing and undying enthusiasm for the sport! He'll be the reason for many young people turning their interest and efforts to tennis. Nadal will serve as the exemplary aspiration for many young athletes for years to come!

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