Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween (costume) Hunting Grounds

Photo by Pat Flinschrod on Flickr I don't know what possessed me to invite Trixie to go Halloween costume hunting with me today. I must have eaten Stupid for breakfast. I'm thinking maybe I should've just asked Rafa what he was gonna wear and I'd try to find something complimentary. But nooooooo, I just had to get that grrl on the phone and convince her this was how she wanted to spend her Thursday afternoon. One shop after another. One costume after another. Her initial reaction was not very favorable. Me: Trixie, what you say - I go as a car model draped all over this keen-o
Dodge Mach XX wearing nothing but a necklace? Rrrrow..
Trixie: That's not gonna fly, Chich. Literally. [omg, what is she doing?] Me: Okay, then how 'bout this? I think this'll fly.. Photo by Missing Link Products Trixie: *groan* No.. no.. I don't think Rafa's ready for that, Chich. *rolls eyes* Me: Gawd, Trix, you're a hard one to please! I don't have all day to do this, so chill! [ok..ok.. no need to ruffle any feathers over this turkey, ok? ] Me: How's this, Trixie?
Photo by DogTime
Trixie: Hey now, I like this little number, Contessa, only one thing's not all together right about it.. and..
Me: It's missing a halo, right? Trixie: Ahhhh, no, you're missing that one gene - for being a perfect angel. So, nope, that's not gonna work for you, either, sorry, Chich. Me: Wow. That's cold. *blink* *blink* Me: Vell, I kuld go as zee boot-i-ful
ballereena zat I ahm,
Mizzy Tawf!
Trixie: Well, yes, I suppose you could do that.
But then you might be expected to perform,
Mz Bowlegs, hmmmmm..?
Hey, I know what! Maybe I could just fix up my hair a little different and jump out of a pumpkin cake!
Yes, that's it! That's the ticket! hee hee
Photo by Foundsh*t
By this time, Trixie was totally fed up with my pursuit of the perfect Halloween costume. I didn't want to disappoint Rafa by coming up with nothing in the way of a party outfit. *schlump* And I felt bad about disappointing Trixie. But not that bad. So we left the last store and rode back to my place in silence. Then, out of the blue, an idea came gurgling up from the depths - and I knew I had a plan. *snort*

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