Monday, October 13, 2008

No, I am NOT the Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

So.. now I have humanoids coming up to me on the street saying, "OMG!'re.. that,.. um,..cute little Beverly thingee, ahhhh,.. mmm.. whatshername, Chlaw!... Right? NOoo-oh!? I mean ...Chloe! Right!!??" So.. NO. I am the prettiest chihuahua in these parts.. but I'm no Chloe.. sahrrry.. I'm Contessa ChiChi and unlike the chic chi, I have my act together. And, I have Rafa in my life.. and, a life, I might add, too full for being mistaken for a Chloe chica, if you don't mind! Yes. I've seen the flick. What?! What did I think of it? [eeeeek!] Okay, I confess, I saw some trailers.. that's it. Yahh, okey-dokey.. you're welcome.

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