Monday, January 5, 2009

Murray confident after Nadal win

-('')- La La La lalalala! I caaaaaan't HEAR youuuuuu! La LA La la LA! -(")- *taking fingers out of my ears now*... (")
Soooo.. Andy Murray is showing his mettle off the starting line. Woo-woo! Maybe he holds adrenaline like a camel. We'll see. Meanwhile, Rafa is just warming up - so don't hold your breath waiting for Murray to be the Nadal copycat of 2009. The way I look at it is Murray still has something to prove while Rafa, and Roger Federer for that matter, have already proven their tennis prowess. Both men have the capability of flattening any opponent on the court, and just like any tennis great, will have good days and bad days. That's why I had to chuckle at this line by Murray:
"When we play in the Australian Open, I know I'll be able to beat him in a tight match," said the Scot.
What sparkling confidence! Good for heem. But my Ruffie thinks he played very well for having been out for several months with his knee injury and he said that thees match "was a very good test for the knee. It was two hour 45 minutes of high-quality (tennis), and I'm feeling very well."
Yes, Rafa is feeling.. mahvelous, my dears. So watch out, Andy! This is just the beginning of thees 2009 season; Rafa ees just begun!
My friend Juan, on the left, thinks we should all calm down and give the new kid on the block some room to prove he has what it takes and both Fed and Rafa want competitve players and not an easy trounce on the court.. hey, don't look at me! Give Juan the what-not!!

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