Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm inconsolable *sob* Loss is always difficult

I.. I.. I just.. I'm having trouble finding the words to express the loss.. of dear *sob* Loki! Such a beautiful friend of all Chis everywhere. My own heart goes out to Mickey Rourke with love and sadness over the loss of his beloved companion, Loki. Look at that face. That is a face that begs to be licked. Si. Smothered in licks and slobber. If only for the reason Loki is Chi, si? Let me just tell you, Chis are the best* of all furkinds. Chis are: Alert a la "Contessa ChiChi" "Peanut"-sized Graceful Swift-moving Saucy Observant Bold Adorable Spunky Protective Mischievous Social High-strung Endowed with unique personalities (heh heh - not a chi) Intelligent Loyal Moody Playful Arrogant Sweet-tempered Quintessential Furkind *[The very best of all furkinds are Rat Terriers for which I have been blessed to have in my blood line *sniff,sniff*] So Mickey, please accept my heart-felt condolences over your loss of your Beloved Loki. You can find much comfort in knowing that you gave her the best life she could possibly have on earth by your constant love, care, and kindness, not only towards her, but all her furfriends as well! Says Rourke: "Loki is deeply missed but with me in spirit. I feel very blessed that she fell asleep peacefully in my arms." My Rafa suffered a loss, too, when he lost his last match to Murray, but this loss pales in comparison to Rourke losing his Loki. For me, reverence for all living creatures will always surpass the loss of a game. I can't speak for Rafa personally, but this man Rafa doesn't even like bull fights, one of his country's sports, so I think in my heart he would agree with me. Rafa can always make up for his lost match. We can never 'make up' for loss of Life. Truth. But, theese ees just Contessa ChiChi telling it like it is. Mwah, mwah. [That's licks to you humanoids, k? hee hee] Now - for something sweet: Farewell, Loki.. We will miss you, simpatico!


Sarcasta-Mom said...

I was very sad to hear about Loki as well. At least she lived a nice long life, and was well loved.

Contessa ChiChi said...

Hola, Sarcasta-Mom! Si. It is very sad to learn of Loki's passing and I'm glad you stopped in to share your sadness with me. I like the photo of your chi chillins, too! I went to your blog, too, and I liked what I read. You have a fine sense of humor. I think I want to get to know you better, Sarcasta-Mom. So, you'll be seeing me, here and there. Take good care of your handsome man, and beautiful chillins. Your chis look like they take good care of you all. We be like that, y'know?