Sunday, February 1, 2009

To my Rafa - Winner of 2009 Australian Open!

This haiku series is 4 U Ruffie, dahlink-
My Rafa & Our Lucky 7 My lucky number- plus total Grand Slam finals between 2 ballers. Only one can win- Nineteen matches played, Rafa won last five meetings. Who's better player determined last year - Rafa! Holds Number One spot. Mentally solid, Two 5-setters in a row, one day off to rest. Mind keen and focused physically primed to win- does not disappoint. Herculean feat- dahlink Rafa pulls it off! Proves to be The Best. First since Agassi, wins on all 3 surfaces- clay, grass and hardcourt. Rafa - first Spaniard to win first Aussie Open- Nadal aces All.
--with luv from your Contessa ChiChi, 2/1/09


derangedsoviet said...

Love it.

Best poem ever? Yes.

Anonymous said...

i heard you are rafa nadal's girlfriend?

Contessa ChiChi said...

Estimada derangedsoviet,
Muchas gracias for loving my poem to mi dahlink Ruffie! I don't believe you're a derangedsoviet, by the way, because you are wise and astute to know a good poem when you see it, si? \o/

Muchas gracias for stopping in to see how I live my life in a fishbowl. Good thing I can swim, too. I just had to go to your blog and check it out, but there were so many women there..? Very bootiful but probably very shallow, si? Novak deserves a woman who has soul, empathy, beauty and passion like Contessa ChiChi! No, no,no! I don't mean like me, as in I should be his gf, hee hee *fanning self* No, no, I'm already engaged in a very ser.. wunnerful relationship with my Ruffie! I mean Novak should have a woman like me, just not see. Novak should have someone like you! Si, si. Tell him Contessa ChiChi says so, okay? lol
Again, I'm so glad you like my little poem about Rafa's achievements. Please come back and have fun.. \o

Where do you live? London?

Contessa ChiChi said...

Si, and so I can't be yours too, Ottomann. Er, I mean, I don't want to appear presumptuous or anything,, *blush* ,,if you were asking me to.. ah.. be.. ah.. we hardly know each oth.. er.. hee hee, never mind. I have my hands full with one man's attention, if you know what I mean. You are a man, no? I can't sniff you. *wink*