Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rafa Nadal - defeats Monfils - onward to the quarter-finals..\o/

Image by squiggledoo Hola, mis amigos! Wasn't the match between my Rafa and Monfils a great run? Rafa looks like the champion we have come to know and love, yes? I was overjoyed with Rafa's performance; tentative at the beginning as compared to Monfils' early, energetic start, taking the first set. Then Monfils started to flag and self-destruct as Rafa became stronger and surer as the match progressed. It appears to me that Monfils is a sprinter compared to Rafa who is good for the long run! And who do you suppose Rafa's smiles were aimed at? Hmm.. ;>


lawlady said...

soo cute

Contessa ChiChi said...

Hola, LawLady! Ees my pleasure to entertain you (when I'm not elsewhere weeth Rafa..:) and hope you come back sometime soon. Contessa Chichi luvs visitors. Thank you for thees nice comment, too. You are a sweet lady!