Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rafa Nadal defeated by Marin Cilic in semi-final

Ai-yi-yi! Hola! Amigos, Raffie's match with Cilic in thees semi-final didn't go too well for Rafa; he got run over by thees Cilic-train in an hour and some. Rafa jumped hees rails on the 6-1 6-3 line. Vaca santa! And just so you know - Contessa ChiChi was no where near Rafa during thees match! So don' blame me! I'm not bringing heem bad luck. Maybe later, but not now, ees good? I theenk Rafa is still trying to find hees game after being slowed down by his knee and tummy injuries. He has such a strong competitive nature and doesn't like to be away from thees matches for too long. Now I have to ask you, does Rafa seem cranky to you on court? I hear some commenters say Rafa (and Andy Roddick, too) is complaining about the length and pace of the ATP season and suggest that ballers need an off-season to recharge their batteries, wouldn't you think?. What's wrong weeth that? I think they have a point. And hey you! Rafa doesn't make any excuses for losing thees match. In fact, he said of Cilic:
"Cilic is good, is young and has a very good serve but if you are losing 6-1 6-3 there are a lot of things you are doing wrong - mentally I probably wasn't there*."
Rafa is not going to let thees loss get in his head. No, he is going to go forward and play hees best and put hees losses behind him. Rafa is quite mature and centered for hees age and thees lost matches will not do a number on him. He will be back as Numero Uno very soon. His injuries are a product of the past. So, get over eet and stop needling my Rafa or I will have to get up into your face. And,trust me, you don't want Contessa ChiChi to lose her cool.
*Rafa must stop thinking about me during matches, no?

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