Friday, June 26, 2009

Nadal's Recipe for the 'Good Life'

Hi! I ees back again..back from many adventures. Yes. Here I ees after another Rafa & Contessa's Most Excellent Adventures. But first..
Everybody always askin' Ruffie the secret to his success with 30 Titles and 6 Grand Slams under his belt; in light of his totally unforeseen defeat at the French Open this year, it comes down to hees humility and mental strength. Ruffie points out that "one needs defeat to give value to your victories". I understand hees way of thinking. Contessa ChiChi alway say one has to die in order to give value to Life. If we all live forever, Life would lose it's meaning. We would take so many things for granted. Rafa ees so centered and sensible. Yes. We agree on everything. Well, mostly.. Recently we be locking horns over fashion. Really.

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