Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rafa Nadal - 5th Monte Carlo Win!

CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! DANCE TO THE MUSIC! Rafa has done it again, mis amigos! Now he has 5 Monte Carlo wins! And - he's also equaled Roger Federer with 14 Masters Series titles! Way to GO, Rafa! Vamos, Rafa! (Excusa para nosotros un minuto! *sonrojar* we are having a wee celebratory smooch.) I knew Rafa could and would win! Although the match with Novak Djokovic was not an easy won (making more errors than he usually does, initially, in thees opening game), but he rallies with his trademark forehand to help heem break to love in game 5 and from there he went straight out for another 4 games to take thees set! It was pretty hairy for me to watch Novak capture the 2nd set, but he didn't use his advantage to his best ability. Dear Rafa came back like a wrecking ball in the 3rd! Okay, okay! So, Contessa is committing hyperbole crime now. I make it all better on your anti-hyperbole boo-boo now, okay? To be truthful, Novak gave Rafa a run for his moneys and no one can call Novak a slouch. Hees not #3 for looks alone, you know. He has fairly hefty bag of tricks, too. Now - you boo-hoo feel better now I kiss it? All riiiiight! Whew! Now Rafa's off to Barcelona (with ChiChi, we theenk..;>) to compete for a fifth successive title win after wheech it'sa Roma for the Rome Masters! Wheeeeeeeeee!