Friday, April 17, 2009

I'M BACK ! I'M BACK! - Another Adventure Meets Me Head On!

Si, Si! It's really me! Contessa ChiChi is returned to the Peoples! After a hairy escape from the winter doldrums to meet up with my Rafa at his matches these past weeks. Oh, my! Win some, lose some. He takes the good with the bad. He's always up and positive about life. He learns from his loses and just strives to do better the next time. And hey! Rafa is in good form - si, si - and raring to add many wins to his credit throughout the year. Okay! Okay! So much has happened to me since I last wrote you,, remember my Bro Rascal who almost died from congestive heart failure? Well, he acts like hee's brand new now. I mean, it's kinda creepy.. really. It seems like just yesterday that I had to grab and pull Rascal away from the Pearly Gates! Now he looks great. He can pretty much do what he feels comfortable doing, like going up stairs, jumping on the furniture, playing ball, although at a much less strenuous pace than before, and jazz like that. Except - wow - is he ever p*ssed over not being able to play Frisbee anymore. It's his most favorite thing to do, for cripe sake! I was really going nutz trying to do everything that needed to be done - and jeezes! I never saw so many pills in all my life. Ay-yi-yi!! Rascal's ranged from teeny-weeny to the size of a June bug. No, I swear! He takes 7 pills twice a day hidden in slabs of roast beef and chicken chunks. I was making homemade food for him, too. Rushing him to and fro, here and there, round and round I go! It got a little crazy there for awhile.. that's why I had to get away for a while... Photo by askcorran

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