Friday, April 17, 2009

BoBama - FDOTUS - OldFriend Amigo now Bomigo?

Heh heh, I know who ees really making lots of bones and squeaky toys off thees "rescue dog" tale - and that would be my old furfriend - Amigo's New Hope - yah - kinda korny name, but Amigo is kinda korny. I know this - cuz BoAmigo is OldFriend of Contessa ChiChi, si? Now he's a stu-nod, too, for taking on the "role" of First Dog of the United States. FDOTUS. (Name sorta fits, hunh?) Wow. Makes me wonder what's in eet for heem. Better digs? Better orts? Better ticks? Better tricks? (Upside to being neutered?) Well, Bomigo, you sold yourself out. You've made your own bed. Now lie in it. Just don't go all ape-sh*t if you get up with fleas! Dona wanna hear eet! *paws in ears* I CAN'T HEAR YOU! NoNoNoNoNO! La-la-la-la La La. NO CAN DO! NO CAN DO! BO BO BAMA - THINKS HE'S A LAMA, AND BEGS FOR HIS MANNA! LASSIE WOULDN'T DO IT! RIN TIN TIN WOULDN'T DO IT! CONTESSA CHICHI SHOULDN'T, COULDN'T, WOULDN'T! NO! NO! NO! SHE SAY - NO CAN DO! NO CAN DO! GO, MAMA! BoBama, BoBama, bo-obama, Banana-fana fo-fama, Fee-fi-mo mama, BoBama! heh heh heh! No, no, no - don't feel bahd for BO, cuz he wasn't "rescued" by nobody, according to thees article. (How come we gotta go overseas to get the truth - about anything going on here?) He was raised by a breeder in Texas and registered under hees real name Amigo NEW Hope (vs. Clinton the OLD Hope? wassupwithdat?). Also, he apparently is named after Michelle Obama's granddaddy nicknamed Diddley after blues singer Bo Diddley. Whatamimissing here? According to that, shouldn't FDOTUS be named Diddley Obama? Lastly, BO doesn't know how to swim. Not good for a Portuguese water dog, no? I wonder what TOTUS feels about this infringement on his territory, huh? On no, Mr. Bill! I see some p*ssing contests wars a-comin'! Duck!

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