Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rafa will start training Monday for Montreal

Si! Eet ees true! We are Rafa ees getting in shape for Montreal where my Ruffie ees the defending champion! I'm packing, already. Si! Yesterday, Rafa's sexy strong knees were examined and deemed ready for further action, so hees returning to training on Monday next. Hurrah! He's been itching to go rounds and now he geet the go-ahead for knees. I can't wait to travel again. Montreal ees great place for tennis and food and tour of architecture. Montreal ees verry grounded and centered, has an olde feeling about eet, capisce?
"The evolution of his injury is positive and the player will continue with his physiotherapy and muscular work and will resume his tennis activity in a progressive way starting next Monday July 20th, estimating his return to competition on August 8th at the Montreal event," said Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, Rafa's doctor. Rafa Nadal: "I am happy with the way the tests went and with the positive evolution of the injury as the doctors said. I am really looking forward to practicing again and to do what I like to do the most: to play tennis. The event in Montreal is important and I expect to be there fit to play. Until then I need to continue to work on my recovery and practice well."
Of course we took advantage of thees down time to take een some swim time, you asked. But you know, I have to protect myself from too much sun, and so I had to peek out a suitable bathing suit. Rafa wasn't too crazy about eet..,
..and Ruffie said eet sure beats thees other one I wore at thees beach. 'ey, a girl got to protect her most valuable assets, si?.., la cucarachas!!
Zee you again, amigos!

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