Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rafa Nadal will rise again like the Phoenix

. ok, OK! already! Sheesh! Talk to thees cuz I don't want to hear eet. All I hear ees 'Rafa hasn't thees, Rafa hasn't that, will Rafa thees, will Rafa that, until I'm dumb in thees head. So, do I have to remind everyone again..? RAFA EES IN GOOD HANDS (!) RAFA EES STILL ADJUSTING to coming back to the game FROM INJURIES TO BOTH HEES KNEES. Whaddya expect? RAFA SCALE BUILDING WITH TENNIS BALLS STRAPPED TO HEES FEET.. AND HANDS. NO! That trick for Spiderman, thank you very much. YOU WANT RAFA TO FLY YOU TO THE MOON?! No can do! Then, what, what you want Rafa to do for you? You see. Thees ees how it works. He plays for Everyman, not for you alone, honey! Give it a rest. Rafa may be one of tennis' Greats, but he ees also a man with a life, family, friends, and Contessa ChiChi. That's moi, in case you don't know about us. Rafa has a cool head on hees shoulder and knows he will not win every match he plays and hees at peace with that, ya know? So, let's give peace a chance, ok? If Rafa ees upset so much, would he be able to take his Contessa ChiChi out to dance thees night away? No..I didn't think so..


Louisiana Belle said...

Rafa is pawsome! We're with you on that. :)

Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Contessa, you're right: I think he's going to be a-ok. Hope he hurries back: The tour and fans miss him!