Tuesday, April 13, 2010

amigos ..can't talk loud ..Rafa Nadal is in mucho concentrational mode ;>

Shh.. Contessa ChiChi cannot talk above whisper; Ruffie ees in hard concentration, steeling himself, instructing hees mind of his thoughts about winning a sixth straight Monte Carlo Masters title!  And thusly - making some history on thees earth.  (..and just maybe we get lucky, see more of Raffie and less of Prez-O on the airwaves *winky dink*.) Raffie has visions of kicking the asset belong to Novak Djokovic again if they both make it to finals. Rafa won last year, causing a boo-boo in the Serb's mind. Ees still bandaged, by the way, si?

psst..I'll be back later.. my cousin Mal just dropped in unannounced. Which means ees in hot water.  O gnashing teeth, what now has the little monkey got into trouble over!  *rolling eyes*

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